Pairings for Round 5

(39 teams)

Government Opposition Judge Room
AU Pass The Boof Team George Caroline Sagristano
Jela Shiver
Phillips 414-B
AU/GU Same Valentine Hershey Capital Partners Claire McMahon Fishman
Jake Lowe
Funger 220
Backpack Spades Don't Knife a Fork Spooner Aba Tieku
Jonas Poggi
Phillips 348
Brown Royals W&M Average LSAT:88 Ethan Mort
Rachel Kane
Funger 221
Classically Handsome Bachelors UMD/TU Suits No Bra Caleb Betts
Nate Sumimoto
Phillips 415
Dominic "The Dynamite" DeRamo Hamilton CS Claire Bechtel
Rome 350
F-Art Stanford MS Andrew Harding
Kate Jones
Phillips 110
GU Asian Persuasians UMD This Little Rat is Guilty Julia Cunningham
Rome 202
GUVA Billy's Ex-Partners TOTY Running w Benefits Isabella Sorial
Joey Schnide
Funger 209
Hamilton AA UMD Big Heads Jared Gaby-Biegel
Rebecca Shields
Phillips 111
Hopkins Asian Persuasion Sunomono & Garage Caleb Foote
Olivia Saunders
Duques 151
Marianne Williamson Fan Acct Stanford LM Evan Rosenbaum
Rome 206
Rutgers/UVA HH Hopkins/W&M Something Edgy Parker Kelly
Phillips 414A
South Blocked Black Men Don't Cheat Abby Sweeney
Oakley Shelton-Thomas
Funger 222
Team Ethan UVA New Partner Wanted Mario Aguirre
Sam Widell
Phillips 510
UVA Scratch That Rutgers BC Ava Desantis
Haseeb Waseem
Funger 223
W&M Case-Rider & Free-Writer Porklogogin Abigail Moats
Miles Richardson
Phillips 217
W&M Giant Rat Hopkins AXe Dennis Chen
Phillips 640
Wine Moms for Mayor Pete AU Mac and Cheese Enshia Li
Rome 201